Having done puns, in March we decide to do shapes. The Rhubarb Triangle describes the wedge of land between Wakefield and two other points North that no-one seems to agree on, where historically most of the World’s Rhubarb was grown, apparently due to ideal climactic conditions (presumably miserable.) So starting as we mean to go […]

Stumbled upon by chance in a book of walks, this presents on opportunity to kick off March with a quick bit of local exploration. This spot marks the point that Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire meet and is marked by a couple of pack-horse bridges and a pretty stream tucked into a valley. The valley in […]

As UKIP voting bores will never tire of telling you, London is no longer an English city cause of all the foreigners (comin’ over here, taking all our illegally converted garages and sheds…) Of course it never was English, but Tooting is as good a part of London as anywhere to see the undoubted benefits […]

The annual budget ski trip aboard Soupy Dave gives us an opportunity to try somewhere new and theme-related this year. We have never been there before, but it’s a short detour from our route home, so we stop by for our last day’s skiing. And we’re glad we have. The village, although mainly seventies mock-chalet […]

A bonus afternoon wander just to demonstrate how devious I could be in fitting trips to the theme. Ancoats, the area just to the North of Manchester city centre, is derived from the old English for ‘one cottage’, or more accurately ‘lonely cottage’. And oddly enough, lonely is how it feels now. It’s a post-industrial […]

Wantage was selected for our first proper long-range day out of the year, not just because of the obvious pun, but because of the Neolithic white horse at nearby Uffington which I’d wanted to visit it since seeing it on an Eighties XTC album sleeve. It doesn’t disappoint. The landscape itself looks ancient and lizard […]

First chance to apply the number theme arises with the unappealing prospect of a shopping trip. Happily, the developers who had ripped up and redeveloped a large swathe of Liverpool city centre had christened the new area Liverpool One. So off we go. But Dave doesn’t actually get to go to Liverpool, as we seize […]